VIA - Virtual Idea Area - whiteboards in virtual reality

Virtual reality whiteboard software for HTC Vive.

Express Your Ideas Without Limitation

Ever ran out of space while writing on a whiteboard? Or wanted to un-erase those notes from earlier? Or maybe felt like you could use some more boards in different colors to keep things organized?

All of this and more can be solved by using virtual whiteboards, and that is is exactly what Virtual Idea Area provides! VIA lets you create a practically infinite amount of virtual whiteboards, for which you can freely choose the size, color and position. It even lets you have patterned whiteboards. The markers don't smell, never run out, and they as well are available in any color you want.

With Virtual Idea Area you can express your ideas without limitation.

  • Use any color pen on any color whiteboard
  • Undo history going back over 250 steps
  • Accurate eraser: use the whole block or just a corner of it
  • Can handle thousands of whiteboards in a single scene
  • Use any image as whiteboard background
  • Import any image as whiteboard content
  • Export whiteboards as PNG images, with or without background
  • Clone existing whiteboards
  • All functionality is accessible with just a single motion controller
  • Over 250 000 kmĀ² (over 100 000 sq mi) of empty space to fill with ideas
  • Includes a command line import tool for scripted whiteboard imports
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